With Zug's top nutrition consultants.


While we know there is almost no limit to the benefits of regular high-quality hot yoga on a person’s wellbeing, we acknowledge that there are other factors at play in achieving the quality of life that most of our yogis and yoginis seek.

Most of us know – eating well is one of the most powerful tools that can help us improve our health, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and feel at our best inside and out every day.

But what does eating healthy actually mean? What kind of nutrition should you be adopting to help you achieve optimal health? Is being vegan the same as being healthy? What are the hidden traps in changing your nutrition?

At Kolkata Yoga we partner with Nourishi, a leading nutrition consultancy based here in Zug.

We chose Nourishi as a partner because they provide objective, science-based nutritional advice to individuals, families and many of Switzerland’s top executives, enabling them to live fuller, longer, and happier lives.

Nourishi does not partner with any food supplier, nor are they incentivised to push any products on their clientele.

All of our yogis and yoginis receive a digital voucher for an exclusive complimentary consultation that they can redeem with Nourishi. This consultation empowers all yogis and yoginis to look at their nutrition and make informed choices to help them achieve their wellbeing goals.

Find out more about Nourishi and their fantastic services at their website: www.nourishiconsulting.com